SAS Institute and EPiServer

It’s been some time since I’ve last wrote something, but a lot has happened! I’ve been in detailed looking into SAS Institute and EPIServer, and how to combine the strength and logic of SAS with EPi’s ability to deliver through its powerful CMS. On SAS I’m looking into how Treatments are handled and how toContinue reading “SAS Institute and EPiServer”

Predictive Commerce!

So! Commerce is defined by Wikipedia as, “…defined as a component of business which includes all activities, functions and institutions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers…” The only issue when doing commerce is, that it’s pretty hard for a web shop to know your needs or when receiving a mail with an offer;Continue reading “Predictive Commerce!”


I’ve recently started taking a class on gamification from the University of Pennsylvania through Until now I really haven’t learned anything new, but then again… Everything seems much more clear now. I’ve taking a lot of NLP/coaching classes, management, economics and I’ve been working with loyalty programs over the last 1,5 years or so.Continue reading “Gamification”

Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising

Interesting article on mobile advertising: Why Mobile Will Dominate The Future Of The Of Media And Advertising To be honest I think the whole advertising model should be rethought. In my experience the problem is that the only way people think of advertising on the mobile platform is by creating a huge and extreme ugleContinue reading “Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising”