Relevant messages

## challenge ## Mobile marketing is about promoting messages directly to leads and prospects. Being relevant and personal. Building a relationship with the user. This creates a degree of trust and builds loyalty, which we then can use to promote relevant offers towards qualified users. ## example ## Mobile marketing through mobile can be doneContinue reading “Relevant messages”

Best traffic… SEO or Social?

What is SEO? I mean I know it’s search engine optimization. Oblivious. I just mean what is an actual optimization and what is it you want to achieve? More tragic doesn’t mean a better conversion rate. I actually means – in a traditional way – that you will get a lower conversion rate, but ofContinue reading “Best traffic… SEO or Social?”

Reach out, and just do it…

To get to your true reach of your message, you have to create a burning platform of your own. You have to spread your words across all media, and treat and manage each medium differently. You can’t post or blog a thousand words on Twitter nor it would be cheap to write too few wordsContinue reading “Reach out, and just do it…”

Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising

Interesting article on mobile advertising: Why Mobile Will Dominate The Future Of The Of Media And Advertising To be honest I think the whole advertising model should be rethought. In my experience the problem is that the only way people think of advertising on the mobile platform is by creating a huge and extreme ugleContinue reading “Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising”