I’ve recently started taking a class on gamification from the University of Pennsylvania through Until now I really haven’t learned anything new, but then again… Everything seems much more clear now. I’ve taking a lot of NLP/coaching classes, management, economics and I’ve been working with loyalty programs over the last 1,5 years or so.Continue reading “Gamification”

Best traffic… SEO or Social?

What is SEO? I mean I know it’s search engine optimization. Oblivious. I just mean what is an actual optimization and what is it you want to achieve? More tragic doesn’t mean a better conversion rate. I actually means – in a traditional way – that you will get a lower conversion rate, but ofContinue reading “Best traffic… SEO or Social?”

Reach out, and just do it…

To get to your true reach of your message, you have to create a burning platform of your own. You have to spread your words across all media, and treat and manage each medium differently. You can’t post or blog a thousand words on Twitter nor it would be cheap to write too few wordsContinue reading “Reach out, and just do it…”

Why should great social media campaigns take any time?

I read an interesting article on social media campaigns and that it was amazing that an campaign could take five to six weeks, “…But for Fiat, it only took a mere five to six weeks to put together a social media campaign built around its Super Bowl ad. Coca-Cola’s social campaign for Coke Zero, “Make It Possible,” tookContinue reading “Why should great social media campaigns take any time?”