Relevant messages

## challenge ## Mobile marketing is about promoting messages directly to leads and prospects. Being relevant and personal. Building a relationship with the user. This creates a degree of trust and builds loyalty, which we then can use to promote relevant offers towards qualified users. ## example ## Mobile marketing through mobile can be doneContinue reading “Relevant messages”


I’ve recently started taking a class on gamification from the University of Pennsylvania through Until now I really haven’t learned anything new, but then again… Everything seems much more clear now. I’ve taking a lot of NLP/coaching classes, management, economics and I’ve been working with loyalty programs over the last 1,5 years or so.Continue reading “Gamification”

Best traffic… SEO or Social?

What is SEO? I mean I know it’s search engine optimization. Oblivious. I just mean what is an actual optimization and what is it you want to achieve? More tragic doesn’t mean a better conversion rate. I actually means – in a traditional way – that you will get a lower conversion rate, but ofContinue reading “Best traffic… SEO or Social?”

Conversational Marketing

What is conversational marketing to you? Some call it data driven marketing, others interactive, social, etc., but aren’t they all just the centering around the same subject? It’s called conversational marketing because it goes in to a dialogue with the prospect on the product and interactively tries to convince that the product is the rightContinue reading “Conversational Marketing”

Why should great social media campaigns take any time?

I read an interesting article on social media campaigns and that it was amazing that an campaign could take five to six weeks, “…But for Fiat, it only took a mere five to six weeks to put together a social media campaign built around its Super Bowl ad. Coca-Cola’s social campaign for Coke Zero, “Make It Possible,” tookContinue reading “Why should great social media campaigns take any time?”

Ad policies

It seems almost as if is coordinated with Google, but I find the new Ads Integrity Alliance as something really great. Now I am just wondering what bad ads in their perspective really is? Is it something which just looks bad, violating some Google policies, “… disabled more than 130 million ads and 800,000 advertisersthat violated our policies…” orContinue reading “Ad policies”