Reach out, and just do it…

To get to your true reach of your message, you have to create a burning platform of your own. You have to spread your words across all media, and treat and manage each medium differently. You can’t post or blog a thousand words on Twitter nor it would be cheap to write too few words on your blog.  You can’t just link your blog posts on Facebook, tweet links to your posts on Twitter. Your message has to be spread across the entire digital landscape and treat each medium as its own channel, with your message, formatted, designed, and massaged to have the greatest impact in that particular channel.

This is what cross channel marketing is!

Each time you turn to a medium, you have to ask why this medium and who’s the audience. What is it you want to say (that actually the easy part), but how the hard part… I think the advantage of using Facebook or Twitter is that those account are more or less for life. Once you have reached a “client” through a Page like, they are your customer untill you screw up. Imaging if you try to communicate through TV and how expencive that is, and you have to do this over and over again. It’s the fastest from a single mass communication point-of-view, but you have to think in that you would have to redo it again and again. When kicking of a new campaign, you could start by doing a TV commercial, but you should deffinately end by using some kind of cross channel CRM approach.

To get you started there are some basics you have to start with. You have to know what your audience/customers want. Else you can sell it to them regardless of the price. When you know that you have to get the word out there. No matter how got you are, “word of mounth” isn’t really good on the internet and your organic growth will be very slow. The best way is actually by simply adwording it, but adwords are expensive. So think about how you measure what works the best and optimize, and when I mean optimize, I mean like on a hourly basis. Think about that mobile ads work differnt from regular and with the right ads, your payoff is multiplied. There’s a bunch of services out there which automatically monitors your ad perfomance and manages them on-the-fly and not just a report as alot of the mainstream traditional services.

Good luck!


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