Why should great social media campaigns take any time?

I read an interesting article on social media campaigns and that it was amazing that an campaign could take five to six weeks,

“…But for Fiat, it only took a mere five to six weeks to put together a social media campaign built around its Super Bowl ad. Coca-Cola’s social campaign for Coke Zero, “Make It Possible,” took about six months to create. Meanwhile,Ford‘s “Doug” spokespuppet campaign took about a year from inception to the bitter end…”

I agree. It is amazing!

The thing that strikes me the most is why it had to take so long time to get up with the idea for the other two brands? Sometimes we just keep on fine-tuning the idea we kind of forget the big picture. Often the details are pretty neat, but not really important.

The next big things are the what’s, who’s, when’s and most importantly the why’s? Can’t answer all of them, I’ll bet the campaign won’t be huge succes. Never forget thinking about how to measure your result, and to be honest you will probably never do it right the first time around, so don’t be afraid to it almost great the first time, make a small launch, make test-measurements (and a bunch of assumptions on what’s working and what isn’t) make the live adjustment and try again and gradually launch the campaign.

Always put yourself in the receivers shoes and ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?”! Ohh… And I almost forget. Don’t trust the metrics from the free tools unless you’re absolutely sure they fit your purpose, so Facebook nor Google Analytics will solely be able to tell you everything you need!


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