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It seems almost as if is coordinated with Google, but I find the new Ads Integrity Alliance as something really great. Now I am just wondering what bad ads in their perspective really is? Is it something which just looks bad, violating some Google policies, “… disabled more than 130 million ads and 800,000 advertisersthat violated our policies…” or is it phishing attacts and similar?

Ads Integrity Alliance: Working together to fight bad ads

My previous post was more concerning that the ads just doesn’t fit in anymore and is though of a time back in the 90’s where banners were cool and simplicity of was appriciated. That isn’t how it is anymore!

I still think this is a step in the right direction, but we can’t policy ourselves out of a free internet!

The alliance led by StopBadware will help the industry fight back together against scammers and bad actors. In particular, it will:

  • Develop and share definitions, industry policy recommendations and best practices
  • Serve as a platform for sharing information about bad actors
  • Share relevant trends with policymakers and law enforcement agencies

… but is this really going to change anything? The websites I use are the big ones who already have strict ad policies!


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